Thoughts that Make You Think: Keys to Everyday Living

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Thoughts that Make You Think is filled with modern-day proverbs that stretch the imagination, challenge the mind and stir the spirit to new dimensions. It is an important resource for all who want to improve the way they think and what they think about. It has been said: "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." In other words, we are who we are because of how we think. Our thoughts determine how we behave and how successful we become. The modern-day proverbs contained in these pages are written to arrest the mind; to stop it from simply glibly going over the words. Instead, there is an invitation to stop and ponder. One reads the thought and immediately considers: "What does this mean?" Or more importantly: "What does this mean to me? Should I do something about this?" The very act of thinking about it is the beginning of change. The entire book is an invitation to improve the quality of life you live, and through you, the quality of life of those you interact with. Dr. Clarice Fluitt has shared keys that have brought her incredible success throughout her lifetime. She has proven that thinking rightly makes for an incredibly abundant and successful life. As you take counsel with Dr. Clarice, allow your thoughts to flow freely, your conceptions to be infused with reflection, and the activity of your senses to be on high alert.
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